Owner Relations Dept

Phone: (432) 279-0061
Email: owners@crownquest.com

Working Interest Owners

CrownQuest provides electronic images of our joint interest billing invoices and statements to our joint interest owners by utilizing advanced Electronic Data Interchange (“EDI”).  CrownQuest utilizes EnergyLink, by Red Dog Systems, as our vehicle to provide this information.  Our use of EDI leverages technology to assist in our delivery of accurate and consistent information on a timely basis to provide our owners with the tools to more efficiently receive and process their non-operated JIB data.

logo-energylink-tmTo obtain more information on how to enroll in this service, which allows our joint interest owners to view and/or print their JIB’s at no cost, please visit EnergyLink’s website at www.energylink.com or call them at 1-888-573-3364.